Company profile


MOTIVO S.A. was founded in 1955 by the six sisters and brothers Panagopoulou, who were fueled by vision and creativity and is engaged in creating, manufacturing and distributing fashion items, mainly swimwear, as well as the import and distribution of well- known brands of swimwear for men, women and children.

At this time MOTIVO S.A. started with accessories for men especially ties and scarves and became very soon well-known all over Greece. The company continued soon its successful creative path entering dynamically in the area of men and women knight wear and the area of shirts for men, continuing a few years later with the wide area of women dresses.

The item though that established the company in one of the most famous companies in the Greek market but also in Europe was the swimwear for women, men and children and the beach wear. Today the company is mainly engaged in creating, manufacturing and distributing fashion items, mainly swimwear, as well as the import and distribution of well- known brands of swimwear for men, women and children. MOTIVO S.A. holds a significant share in the Greek market and has established itself in the minds of customers as a reliable partner, thanks to the unbreakable relationship it has developed with its customers, which is based on trust and mutual respect.


MOTIVO S.A. is a leading swimwear company in Greece. MOTIVO has developed over 60 years of significant expertise in technical skill and advanced design. With impressive prints or graphic contrasts, cutaway styles, jewel unique accessories and special finishes and details of the cut, pared with excellent, high quality materials, everything is done in the name of excellence, fashion, well-being and comfort. With an eye on the latest trends, the MOTIVO style team offers swimwear that brings out the beauty of all individuals according to their personal taste. The MOTIVO teams work continuously together every day to create modern, elegant collections.

MOTIVO has given over 60 years of dedicated service to the domestic and export market and remains after all these years a company that is committed to continuing its successful legacy in providing the market with quality swimwear in a great variety of designs at competitive prices.

MOTIVO unifies long tradition and modern creativity and remains a key player today in the world of swimwear.
Our philosophy is to build a long-term relationship with our customers in which sincerity, respect and reliability are non-negotiable values.
Our mission is to offer a wide range of high-quality, stylish products with a high level of client service

OUR Objective

The company’s objective is to continue its growing trend by expanding its distribution network and by achieving new partnerships with established international labels, always remaining faithful to its values


  • Collection MOTIVO in three Units
    • INEDITO:
      Special appearance for the beach and not only
      For the ladies that always care for their appearance in the sizes 48-60 and cups C,D,E.
      Impressive, unique prints in a variety of designs. Swimwear in cups A,B,C,D and magnificent dresses and beachwears.
  • Collection Ostraco Jung designs in lower prices
  • Bambi di motivo
    A wonderful children collection from size 0-16
  • Motivo Andras
    Our proposal for the man.

Superior designs and high quality materials from Italy France and Germany manufactured in Greece, are combined to create unique, attractive and appealing swimwear and beachwear that are popular both in Greece and abroad.You can find MOTIVO products in selected stores in Greece and abroad. Mainly in Italy, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Brazil, USA.